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July 2009

July 2, 2009 - Dark

Club dark for the Independence Day Holiday

July 9, 2009 - Bruce Stambough

Heart valve replacement using angioplasty methods

This is a new and exciting development wherein heart valves are replaced by accessing through the femoral artery instead of open heart surgery. Truly off the beaten path and an exciting development to be shared with us.

source: Charles Carmona

July 16, 2009 - Ryan Spencer - A Five Year Odyssey of Adventure

and Traveling the World by a Young American

In early 2003 Ryan Spencer was introduced to Adventurers Club of Los Angeles and returned several times talking to several members about their travels and adventures around the world. Ryan Spencer, at 26, left the Internet corporate cubical life in Sept 2003 for what he thought would a temporary break to live his desire to see a bit of the world outside the American bubble. Six years later, while spending 5 of those years living or traveling outside the States, he is returning from his latest adventure of biking South America for 10 months through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Patagonian Chile and Argentina.

A philosophy of only buying one way flights for all his travels and planning not to plan has found him visiting Fijian tribes and floating down the river back to civilization in a bilibili bamboo raft, motorcycling through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and India, falling in love and briefly living in Holland, starting his own leather bag company based in New Delhi, doing 10 day silent meditation retreats, climbing 6,000 meter mountains, scuba diving, surfing, visiting an Ecuadorian prison, sailing in Norway, hitchhiking through New Zealand and Cambodia amongst other places, having a root canal in India, and ending up living in Spain for two years on a whim.

Ryan Spencer hitchhiking in Cambodia
Ryan Spencer hitchhiking in Cambodia

Ryan Spencer's bike at Ecuator
Ryan Spencer's bike at Ecuator

Ryan Spencer with a Fiji Tribe
Ryan Spencer with a Fiji Tribe

Ryan Spencer viewing Italian Islands
Ryan Spencer viewing Italian Islands

Ryan Spencer Norway Sailing
Ryan Spencer Norway Sailing

July 23, 2009 - Steve Goldstein and Mike Stajura

Wilderness First Aid

This is of significant interest, not only to those who go off the beaten path, but to those who are beyond 911 or services will be delayed.

Michael Stajura is a doctoral student at UCLA who studies community-based disaster preparedness in the School of Public Health. He is also a coordinator for the Los Angeles Community Emergency Response Team, a volunteer group administered by the LAFD. He is a disaster volunteer and instructor for the American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles. Mike enlisted in the Army in 1990 and then went to West Point. He graduated in 1995 and served in the Army until 2002.

Stephen Goldstein is a Metrologist with a local Pharmacutical company in Los Angeles. He has an AA Degree in Photo Technology, Optics and Electronics from State University of New York. He has been teaching first aid classes for the American Red Cross for over 35 years. He is a board member of Culver Community Emergency Response Team and a Ham Radio Operator administrated by the Culver City Fire Department. He teaches to many groups such as Boy Scouts, Sierra Club, and American Red Cross Chapters. He is one of several American Red Cross Wildereness First Aid Instructors in the LA Chapter.

July 30, 2009 - Neil Mandt - Last Stop for Paul

This is significant to our club since it is about making a documentary about two friends spreading the ashes of their friend around the world. It is particularly significant since friends of Ralph White are on a quest to make him the most travelled dead man. We will see how Paul's friends were inspired to do the same for their friend.

Web site:

Conde Nast Traveler
"Last Stop for Paul is a charming travel film the likes of which you've never seen. I loved it."

Daily Variety
"Last Stop for Paul is essentially timeless. A no-budget buddy/road/air/boat movie, "Last Stop" is first and foremost about pure storytelling. [Last Stop for Paul is] simply an ingenious way of constructing a film out of virtually nothing."

Richard Roeper
"Last Stop for Paul is a unique accomplishment; always entertaining. Very funny and at times quite touching!"

Chicago Sun Times - Rick Telander
"Last Stop For Paul is a very sweet, very funny, easy-to-watch movie that takes off like a train and soars like a jet."

Photos from movie:

Neil Mandt at the Full Moon Party in Thailand
Neil Mandt at the Full Moon Party in Thailand

Neil Mandt in Egypt
Neil Mandt in Egypt

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