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January 2009

January 1, 2009 - Dark

January 8, 2009 - Members Show Case

Every two months in 2009, we will schedule a meeting to introduce and reintroduce our members to each other. We will allow about 5 minutes for each member to give a short history if his adventures and other comments. To start off this concept, this first Showcase will be by the members of the Board of Directors. After this, we will ask our newest members to talk, then the rest. So by the end of the year, most of the local active members and others who visit occasionally will have given a review and update on their adventures and plans.

Meet the Board of Directors

Allan Smith,President
Allan Smith,
Steve Bein,1st VP
Steve Bein,
1st VP
Jim Heaton,2nd VP
Jim Heaton,
2nd VP
Gene Arias, Secretary
Gene Arias,
Rick Flores, Treasurer
Rick Flores,
Robert Demott, Past President (2008)
Robert Demott,
Past President
Stuart Bird Wilson, Director
Stuart Bird Wilson,
Vince Weatherby, Director
Vince Weatherby,
Larry Schutte,<br>Director
Larry Schutte,
Steve Peterman, Director
Steve Peterman,
Robert G. Williscroft, Director
Robert G. Williscroft,
Bob Walters, Director
Bob Walters,

January 15, 2009 - LADIES' NIGHT

- Shelly Berman - Comedy and its Reflections in History

Comedian, Shelly Berman will talk on "COMEDY AND ITS REFLECTIONS IN HISTORY" - Visit Shelley Berman website biography at

January 22, 2009 - Roz Savage - Pacific Ocean Row (stage 1 of 3)

San Francisco to Hawaii: blog:, Web site:

In 2005, Roz rowed (alone) 3000 miles across the Atlantic. Now she intends to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific. In 2008, she completed Stage 1, becoming the first woman to row solo form California to Hawaii. Stage 2 launches in May of 2009.

Roz spoke to the club in 2006 and gave an amazing talk on her first cross ocean row. We are looking forward to updating the adventures of this amazing woman.

Roz Savage
Eco-Adventurer, Writer, Speaker
2006 Atlantic Solo Row from Canaries to Antigua
2008 Pacific Solo Row (Leg 1) from California to Hawaii
2009 Pacific Solo Row (Leg 2) from Hawaii to Tuvalu
2010 Pacific Solo Row (Leg 3) from Tuvalu to Australia

January 29, 2009 - Chester Kyle - Wind Testing for HPV

- Bob Ianello - Human Power Vehicle Experience

Past President, Chester Kyle, who was a co-founder with Paul Macready of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association, still is doing wind testing for the Specialized Bicycle Company, helped design the clothing for Lance Armstrong, and is a past president of the Adventurers Club of Los Angeles. Tom Traylor, designer and IHPVA competitor with his front wheel recumbent bikes and pedal powered propeller driven boats, might share the podium. I will also try to have Bob Ianello, our member who set and held the record for human powered, non propeller driven submarines (it is in the meeting hall) here to give a short talk and share his HPV experience.

Chester Kyle will speak about the first streamlined bike in the USA, breaks 6 World Records (1974). Flying the Gossamer Condor after 2 minutes of ground instruction (1977). "I almost almost ground looped the Gossamer Albatross in 1979." The Worlds first Aero Olympic bikes - Los Angeles 1984 (the press called them funny bikes). Before Los Angeles, the USA Cycling Team had won one Olympic Cycling medal a Bronze in the road race in 1907. In 1984 they won 10.

Chester Kyle also designed the bikes for the USA Olympic Cycling team in Atlanta 1996. The World's first Solar Car Race, Darwin to Adelaide Australia 1987. Won by the GM Sunraycer - a vehicle i had worked on. Solar bike racing Japan 1994. I followed the race and wrote a book on it "Racing with the Sun". Following a mountain bike race 2200 miles across Australia at 15 mph, from the furthest West Point in Australia (Steep Point) to the furthest East Point (Byron Bay) right through the middle of the Outback. The dirt road hadn't been graded in 11 years. Fascinating people you meet along the way: Hans Tholstruo of Australia, Alex Moulton of England, George Georgiev of Canada and Paul MacCready and Jack Lambie of the USA. Designing aerodynamic clothing for the USA and Neherlands long track speed skaters, Salt Lake City Winter Olympics 2002. The USA and Dutch track speed skaters won all of the men's long track Olympic gold medals in 2002 wearing the Nike Swift Suit designed by Len Brownlie and Chester Kyle. Wind Tunnel Testing in high speed sports 1974 - 2008.

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