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April 2012

The Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles®

April 5, 2012 - Harry Chittick - Modern Piracy

The 15th program in our 90th Anniversary Celebration

Photo of Harry Chittick

Harry Chittick

Harry Chittick is a popular Enrichment Lecturer for Oceania and Regent Seven Seas Cruise Lines. His topics cover a wide range of subjects that add perspective and depth to the areas visited around the globe. His experiences as a journalist and photographer add colorful insights to his presentations.

Mr. Chittick is a highly regarded consultant for media affairs. He has helped major corporations manage their media relations and publicity campaigns. He has advised senior corporate executives how to successfully deal with journalists ensuring that their corporate message was clearly and correctly transmitted to the public. Mr. Chittick is an expert in media training and crisis management.

He is in demand as a public speaker ashore on a variety of subjects from the Media and world affairs to elements of photography and growing orchids. Mr. Chittick teaches public speaking to a number clients including the city of Los Angeles.

Prior to becoming a consultant Mr. Chittick had a highly successful and award winning career as a network television journalist. For 20 years he was the Senior West Coast producer for ABC Network News. He directed coverage of major news events for programs such as Night Line, 20/20, World News Tonight and Good Morning America. Among his specialized coverage areas were Technology, Electronic Entertainment, Aerospace, Latin America and Military Affairs. He covered 8 presidential elections, 6 wars and countless disasters. For several years he wrote a column on Interactive Entertainment and Gaming for

Mr. Chittick holds a BA in International Relations. He is a Senior Fellow at the UCLA School of Public Policy. He and his wife Connie, a retired University executive, live in Sherman Oaks, California. He is an accomplished artist creating turned wooden forms and award winning photography.

linkHarry S Chittick Web Site

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The Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles®

April 12, 2012 - Morris Price - Holocaust Survivor

The 16th program in our 90th Anniversary Celebration

Please join us on this, the 15th program of the amazing 90th anniversary year of the Adventurers Club of Los Angeles.

photo of Morris Price

Morris Price

Morris Price was born Moniek Prajs on April 27, 1927. He was raised by his parents, Manela and Itka Prajs and was the youngest child of three sisters and two brothers. His father was a cattleman who bought cows from farmers and resold them to butchers. Because his father owned his own horse and buggy, his family was considered to be middle class. In addition to his immediate family, his grandparents also lived in his house.

Though the city of Wolbrom was rather small, it boasted a fair-sized Jewish population. However, life changed quickly for Morris when he was just twelve years old in 1939 when Germany occupied Poland and anti-Jewish laws went in to effect. Morris was not allowed to attend public school and was prohibited from attending theatre or participating in sports with other Poles. At the same time, his brothers were forced to do hard labor.

In the summer of 1942, Morris' family received a notice that they were going to be resettled. Two of his sisters decided to go in to hiding and one of his father's friends, a farmer in Wolbrom, came to their house and agreed to hide the sisters despite the personal risk. Morris and the rest of his family reported to the designated field for resettlement. His father was sent to a labor camp while his mother, sister, and grandmother were sent elsewhere. Morris, just 15 at that time, was sent with his brothers to a different labor camp just outside Krakow, Poland, where their job was to construct railroad tracks.

While in the labor camp, Morris overheard that there was going to be a final liquidation in Wolbrom, so he decided to sneak away to the city to inform his sisters. Morris was successful in warning his sisters and one cousin to leave Wolbrom. The amazing life action and experiences he went through during the war and after make a compelling story of the horrors of the holocaust. We will travel with Morris through his stay at Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, then to Dachau on a Death March. His actions and experiences kept him and most of his siblings alive. His parents were lost in the Death Camps and gas chambers.

Morris speaks at the Museum of Tolerance because he finds it meaningful when he can share his testimony with younger people and others who might not have previously know about the Holocaust.

Mr. Price was a teenager when the Nazis began to imprison people. His story is moving and amazing. He makes history seem alive. He led an amazing life. He came within a hairs breath of going to the gas chambers. His moving story will be something you will long remember. He now lives with his wife in Culver City. His story is one we should all hear.

This is a special evening, one week before Holocaust Remembrance Day. My gratitude to Jan Hunt for accompanying me to meet Mr. Price.
- Steve Bein

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The Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles®

April 19, 2012 - Ladies Night - Emory Kristoff - Deep Thoughts

The 17th program in our 90th Anniversary Celebration

You wake up in the morning in July 1976 by Loch Ness, with a couple of your buddies, and an empty Scotch bottle, and discover you all decided to go out and find and dive the TITANIC--HOW DO YOU UNDERTAKE SUCH A THING?

photo of Emory Kristoff

Emory Kristoff

Emory Kristof has been a National Geographic photographer ever since working for the magazine as an intern in 1963. The discovery of new life forms around volcanic vents, huge deep-dwelling sharks a mile down, shipwrecks such as the Titanic, Bismarck, and Edmund Fitzgerald have been covered by Emory Kristof in the pages and videos of the National Geographic. He teamed with Stephen Low Productions to do the IMAX Film "Volcanoes of the Deep Sea." For over 30 years, submersibles and remotely operated vehicles (ROVS) have given him the access. His innovative photography uncovers the heretofore-unexplored worlds of deep-sea animals.

The Adventurers club thanks Paul Isley, member 1088 for his assistance in arranging this talk by Emory Kristoff.

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Emory Kristof and Friends

Emory Kristof - Photographic Society

The Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles®

April 21, 2012 - Tactical Pistol Class
OUTSIDE ACTIVITY - non sponsored activity advisory

Join other members and friends of the Adventurers Club in a tactical pistol class taught by American Defense Enterprises and its founder Bill Beasley. The attendance is limited, so sign in early.

This is open to all friends and is a Ladies welcome day. Minimum age is 21 years.

We sign in at 7:15 am at the LAX firing line in Inglewood and proceed to the instructions and class. We will be learning safety, drawing, shooting while moving and so on.

The class is fun and we will all enjoy it. Required is the cost of $125 each to ADE, your own pistol or a you can rent one, and about 250 rounds of your own ammo. The class will run until noon. After the class we will have an informal and unarmed lunch at the 3 Flames Mongolian restaurant nearby.

For more information about the class, American Defense Enterprises link is

The Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles®

April 26, 2012 - Marshall Lubin - From Boys2Men

The 18th program in our 90th Anniversary Celebration

Photo of Marshall Lubin

Marshall Lubin

From Boys 2 Men is an unforeseen journey of inspiring adventure, egregious motivations, sexual entanglement, physical adversity and near-death encounters. It was also a learning experience that could not be replicated in any educational institution.

Boat fires in Samoa, a near sinking in Fiji, a major tropical cyclone in Australia, hunting butterflies in Papua’s outback and a gut-wrenching hurricane in the North Atlantic greet them on their serendipitous journey. Life’s lessons taught on a grand scale with players from over fifteen nations.

Author Marshall Lubin, a former SEAL, traveled for two years after finishing high school. He managed, through not fault of his own, to visit numerous countries he had never heard of during his around the world adventure, including:

  • Samoa;
  • Fiji;
  • New Calendonia;
  • New Guinea;
  • Christmas Island;
  • Ceylon;
  • Yemen;
  • Morocco; and
  • numerous unnamed islands.

Marshall has given presentations throughout San Diego county during 2011. He has spoken at Tall Ship Festivals, boat shows, surfing clubs, yacht clubs and colleges while sharing photos from his around the world odyssey. Continuing to sail and explore Marshall is on the water at least every other week.

linkFrom Boys 2 Men

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